Therapeutic Botox And Dysport

Botox Injections and Dysport
Botox injections are used to block certain chemical signals to the nerves. This prevents the target muscle(s) from contracting. Most commonly, we use these injections to reduce pain from nerves, and relax muscles which are causing or contributing to your symptoms.

We also use Botox injections to treat several other conditions that affect how the body functions, such as:

Cervical Dystonia – This condition can be very painful. Neck muscles involuntarily contract, causing your head and neck to twist or turn into uncomfortable positions.

Muscle Contractures – Certain neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, can cause your extremities to pull inward. Sometimes, these muscles can be relaxed with Botox injections.

Chronic Migraine – In many cases, migraines that occur more than 15 days a month, can be treated with Botox injections. This may help reduce headache frequency.
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